Please join me in supporting Street Squash

The Harlem Squash Trotters team

The Harlem Squash Trotters team

On May 9th I will be competing in the 7th (my 6th) Annual Street Squash Cup. This event raises money for an Urban Squash program started by my friend George Polsky that sends nearly 100% of its graduates to college, and I am asking for you to join me in supporting the work they do:  Donate to Street Squash

I remember when George was first raising money to start StreetSquash, going to tournaments and making a pitch about his vision, and at the time I must admit it seemed so outrageously optimistic as to what he thought he could accomplish. But 17 years later StreetSquash has 300 kids from Harlem from 6th through 12th grades practicing at the StreetSquash center each day. And did I mention that nearly 100% of graduates go on to college?

I started getting involved with StreetSquash about 6 years ago, and over the years have coached many of the kids and have taken 9 of them to Rome with me for my Rome Squash Camp. Needless to say I count many StreetSquashers as my friends.

I was happy when David Sachs, captain of the Harlem Squash Trotters, first asked me to join his team for the Annual StreetSquash Cup which is part squash tournament and part fundraising event. And I was even happier to have been invited back onto his team each year since. David is a tremendously enthusiastic and generous supporter of the event, and my goal is to do my part to support his efforts.

Will you help me to support this great cause? Please do! Donate to Street Squash

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